Our Family

erin-isakov-watermelon.jpg ERIN ISAKOV

Erin Isakov has been surrounded by extreme sports since she could barely walk. As a toddler, her father paddled out with her on the nose of his surfboard. By the age of two she was already skiing and took up snowboarding in her early teens.

Erin's other passion is fashion. While attending Brown University in Rhode Island she held an internship at Theory just months after the line launched. Immediately after graduation Erin took at job at Elie Tahari in the merchandising department. A natural talent and fast learner, Erin quickly moved up the ranks and was working as the Merchandising Manager when she left to launch her own line.



Much like Erin, Sari has also been involved in winter sports since she was a kid. Skiing since the age of 3, she added snowboarding as a teenager and has been hooked ever since. Also, a competitive figure skater for most of her childhood and teenage years, Sari feels very at home in the cold & snow.

Sari attended the University of Delaware where she majored in Apparel Design. Upon graduation Sari held various jobs in the fashion industry including, visual merchandising and textile design before coming to work at Erin Snow. Sari’s education and diverse background have enabled her to be involved in all aspects of helping to create the Erin Snow collection year after year.

terry.jpg TERRY HOOKS

As a veteran ski patroller at Mammoth Mountain in the 70’s, Terry’s old photos and stories of life on the mountain have served as a major source of inspiration for Erin Snow. Staying true to the extreme sport lifestyle, Terry spends his free time travelling and surfing the breaks in Waikiki (check out his videos on our YouTube page!). Terry can often be seen hanging in the Erin Snow booth at the SIA show or playing Super Papaw to his 3 amazing grandchildren.



Molly is the fabulous other half of the Mammouth Mountain duo that inspired Erin Snow to become what it is today. Still a skiier and fashion connoisseur, Molly personally serves as an ambassador to the brand, wearing and testing the latest styles on and off the slopes.  Always the jet setter, Molly splits her time between sunny SoCal and Park City, Utah when she's not in NYC visiting her three adorable grandchildren.